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Vidar, a 4 year-old Belgian Malinois, served in Afghanistan as a military bomb-sniffing dog. His partner was medic Angie McDonnell. After Angie was transferred she heard that, after two tours of duty, Vidar had developed PTSD symptoms. He had become too timid to serve on the front lines and was also starting to lose his sight. All that left him at risk of being put down.

 Angie and Vidar had been best friends in Afghanistan, going running together and playing in the desert. Plus, Vidar saved her life by sniffing out a cache of Taliban weapons. Sh knew it was now her turn to save his life. Angie had this to say: “I had to find him after he had been such a hero in Afghanistan…It broke my heart that after working so hard he had started to get scared. Really cute Labradors and Springer Spaniels get re-homed easily, but because he’s such a big dog I was worried no-one would want him….”

She was able to track Vidar to a training facility in Germany. She contacted them and made arrangements to bring her hero back to her home in South Wales. Now, he is healing from his tours of duty with his best friend.

Angie thought her house would get torn apart because he wasn’t used to living with a family. However, Vidar surprised everyone by not being at all destructive. "He’s just the perfect dog and I’m so happy I can repay him for saving my life while we served together"

photos: Matthew Horwood/Caters News

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2598697/Army-medic-rescues-hero-Afghan-dog-sleep-developing-PTSD-time-sniffing-lethal-Taliban-weapons.html#ixzz2z4LegREY

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