Rescue Story: Obnoxious Frat Dog

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Apparently they all hated the dog...

Four years ago while we were in college my sister came home with this skinny, obnoxious 10 month old pitbull with no manners at all. 

Being a huge animal lover I was super excited and so were my other room mates as our house now totaled 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 rabbits.

My sister got her from the frat that her boyfriend was in, apparently they all hated the dog and told her "owner" that he had to get rid of the dog or move out of the frat (even though she came in as the house dog and everyone at first was all for it). My guess is that once this dog was out of the cute puppy phase they realized that she had zero training and nobody wanted to put in any work. 

My sister said she was always in the crate they had for her when she went over there.
As she was unloading everything that they gave her when she took the dog I saw the crate...Read the whole story here >>

Rescue Story: My Buddy Jack

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Someone Had Hurt Him Badly

16 years ago a woman I was dating begged me to take a young puppy from the shelter where she worked. She told the story of how he was to be euthanized because no one would take him.

They couldn't find a home for him because he ran from everyone, he would not let anyone close, and he was terrified of people. The rest of story was that someone had hurt him, badly. 

I thought I was doing him favor, I believed I was being of service. I bestowed the honor of naming him Jack, after a great man in my life who had passed on a few years earlier.
Jack was allowed to be who he was...Read more here >>

Doberman with Lady Bug

151018p1     via WOOFtale

This man would not leave his dog behind even in a dire emergency--would you?


Rescue Story: Lonely & Depressed Husky

Heartfelt Rescue Story: "He was depressed and hadn't eaten properly in weeks."

It was a Saturday morning when I saw on my Facebook’s newsfeed the picture of a beautiful husky. The local dog shelter was begging urgently for a foster home for the weekend because of the heat wave. I didn't want pets in the house at the time because I just had moved in by myself and I was a bit intimidated by it. 

But I kept thinking about him, and I kept going back to check the post and see whether he was adopter or fostered. After a while, I decided to call and ask about him.
The girl from the shelter told me how they found him abandoned on the streets. He was in the shelter for 8 months, and after his best friend was adopted, he went into depression and hadn't eaten properly in weeks.  Read the whole story here >>


Heartfelt Rescue Story: Zelda

Rescue Story: Don't ever be afraid of a black cat!

The plan was always to get a kitten after moving out of my ex's place. I had to save up for the deposit though so it took a while. On the day I got everything squared away a local shelter happened to run a special on kitten adoptions for $20. I saw one online that caught my eye, but I didn't think she'd still be there when we got there so my daughter and I just went to see what they had.

There wasn't much left by the time they FINALLY called us back. The crowd was huge! I was shocked ... Read more >>

Ruff Life: A Heartwarming Video from the Animal Rescue Site

While filming this music video, part of a documentary based on the homeless dog epidemic in Houston, this little pup became a star! She wandered onto the set and adopted Arthur. After filming, the pup was taken to the vet and then taken home by Arthur. How cool is that?!
RUFF LIFE is the closing credits song for the new documentary, Operation Houston #StrayDogCity from Tom McPhee, Man Smiling Moving Pictures, and the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films. 

Thank you to Animal Rescue Site for sharing this video:

Who Rescued Who: Wonderful Reciprocal Rescue Story

Rescue Story:  I knew it when I saw the pic of this adorable Cairn Terrier, Mini Schnauzer mix with the giant ears and inquisitive eyes

In 2008 I had a very traumatic life experience to heal from and after cocooning myself into a secluded cabin in the woods for 2 years I was finally ready to adventure out a bit into the world. 

Having always had pets growing up – and usually rescues – I was anxious to find a dog to adopt. My current living situation clearly stated “no pets” and after a year of begging the landlord to change the policy he finally let me adopt a “small” dog. 

My daughter-in-law has allergies so I wanted to find something that she could tolerate when the family visited. I had researched breeds that would fit the bill and jumped on to start looking.

I knew it when I saw the pic of this adorable Cairn Terrier, Mini Schnauzer mix with the giant ears and inquisitive eyes that I had to have this one and filled out the application to adopt her. Read more here >>