150126v1 - My New Workout Partner

150122v1 - Cows are Saved & Practically Dance with Happiness Thanks to These Good Good People

I cried with happiness--along with the people in the video--for these dairy cows in Germany--and with sorrow for so many others that are not treated as well. Watch how this herd practically dances with joy as they make their way out of the barn and into the field after the winter season. A few months before this video was made, they were saved from the slaughterhouse by these good people. 

According to the videomaker, "Usually, cows are happy when they get out in spring, but these cows are happier than the average dairy cow (they have no more stress in their lives from giving milk until their bodies are leached out--and they are finally disposed of--or from losing their children) and you can feel their special happiness in the video."

150120c2 - Happy Charlie!

Heartfelt Rescue Story: He was skinny, covered in fleas and ticks, had a choke collar on and was shivering.

On a rainy cold October night in 2002 we were out looking for a neighbor's Great Dane that got out of their house.

We kept seeing this other little dog but couldn't catch it so we finally had to call it night and go to bed. The next day the little dog was on our porch, sleeping on the chair cushion.

When I opened the door, he sat up and looked at me like "now what?". He gobbled up some cat food and water and was obviously potty trained because he left the porch and went to the woods to 'do his business' but he came right back to that cushion. He was skinny, covered in fleas and ticks, had a choke collar on and was shivering...Read more >> http://greatergood.me/17ZSu0z

150120c1 - How Bella and Chloe Rescued Me

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Two Senior Goldens Cured My Depression

Feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the many losses of friends and family members during the previous few months including our 10 year old Golden Miss Abby. I felt myself heading down that dark place when one morning I opened up my Facebook page and saw two beautiful but sad looking faces staring back at me. Bella and Chloe were sisters and their Grand Mom had posted an ad for adoption.  She no longer had the physical stamina or financial means to care for them any longer. I knew immediately that our beloved Abby had sent them to us to care for... read more >> http://greatergood.me/17Z1HpP