[20140724e] Today’s Loveable Pup

40724v2 VIDEO OF THE DAY: Super Hero Sliding Westie

140724v - Kohi's Favorite Toy is Getting Washed, and He Doesn't Like That!

[20140724d] Today’s Family Portrait

QOTD - Pam Brown: “A dog smiles with his whole face ...

[20140724c] Dog of the Day

140724a - 30 People Find New Friends at the Zoo!

A visit to the zoo is a nice reminder of how amazing it is to connect with nature. Here are a few of the 30 unforgettable moments people were lucky enough to experience.

See all 30 photos on Viralnova.com. Click here >>> http://bit.ly/1z8q5xy

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Fist Bump/High-Five

140724v - Fantastic Idea! In Turkey -- Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Dispenses Food for Stray Dogs!

40724v VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dog Must Hold Hands in the Car

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[20140724a] Today’s Loveable Pup

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