The Best DogGone News On The Internet 9/02/2014

All The Reasons Why Pets Make Us Happier (INFOGRAPHIC) >>>

Canine Influenza Cases Spreading In Manhattan >>>

120 Dogs Chained in the Middle of Nowhere Are Rescued >>>

Daily Cute: Benny the English Bulldog Puppy Plays Peek-A-Boo >>>

25 Longest-Living Dogs >>>

Funny Video: Dogs Struggle to Outsmart a Puppet >>>

Why Ricky Gervais And 100,000 Others Are Right To Want Pet Shop Pup Ban >>>

Toby: A blind dog's journey >>>

Pit Bull Saves Deaf Indiana Boy During House Fire >>>

How an unwanted puppy changed the life of a homeless man >>>


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140827g - Wow! Incredible Dog Tatoos!

These Dog Tatoos are Wonderful Works of Art!

These selected photographs of tatoos were found on the Internet and featured on 
Brandie Brashier's Pinterest Page. Neither Brandie nor So DogGone Funny have any copyright 
claims or any claims whatsoever to these photos. 

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[140901v2] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pawprints from the Heart: Thank You's From the Lives We've Touched at the San Diego Humane Society

Viewers Choice Awards 2014: W149

QOTD - “What a beautiful world ...


Viewers Choice Awards 2014: W148

[140901v1] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Subaru’s Funny Dog Commercial