The Best DogGone News On The Internet 7/30/2014

Top 10 steps to a healthier dog >>>

Heartwarming Video: Meet Anderson Pooper: The Paralyzed Race Dog >>>

BarkPost: How to Use Your Puppy Pic Obsession for Good >>>

Pets for Patriots: Reporting for duty: how companion pets help military veterans >>>

New York State Raises the Penalty for Stealing Pets >>>

Making house calls with Elizabeth Weiss, New York's most musical dog trainer: >>>

There's Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done For Pit Bulls, Poll Finds >>>

What You Should Know: Puppy Mill Initiatives >>>

11 things humans do that dogs hate >>>

10 Outrageously Awesome Quotes From Ricky Gervais That Prove He Is a Bonafide Animal Lover! >>>


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[20140729v2] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Adorable Boston Terrier Takes Weekend Trip Through Mt. Shasta

[20140729d] Today’s Family Portrait

QOTD - “You will never walk alone. Your dog will always be with you.”

[20140729c] Dog of the Day

[20140729v1] VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Tribute to America’s Forgotten Heroes: Giving Military Dogs Their Due

140729v - Deeply Moving Jungle Reunion with the Gorilla He Raised

[20140729b] Today’s Funny

[20140729a] Today’s Loveable Pup

The Best DogGone News On The Internet 7/29/2014

Disaster Planning for Your Dog >>>

How to Stop Bed Shredding >>>

Choosing the right pet for your family >>>

12 lifesaving tricks to teach your dog >>>

Funny Video: Saint Bernard Falls Hard for Tiny Kitten >>>

This Intrepid 84-Year-Old Woman Saved Her Neighbor's Dog From Wild Coyotes >>>

Mark the Date: Matilda the Algonquin Cat to Host Benefit for NYC’s Shelter Pets >>>

Cute Video: White German Shepherd Puppies Love A Good Steak >>>

Funny Photos: More Modern Dog Memes >>>

Woofipedia: 8 Signs of a Responsible Dog Breeder >>>


Back Issues of DogGone News In Review

[20140728v2] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Adorably Disobedient Dog Jumps on Bed When You Leave, Cat Quietly Judges

140728-4v - Passionate Puppies! (English Bulldogs)