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T-Shirts For Dog Lovers: “I’m Against Animal Abuse” - Help raise awareness by displaying this bold message.


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140918v1 - Lots of LOL Cute and Mischevious Babies and Dogs!

QOTD - “Dogs are my favorite ...

140918s1 - Woman Crosses a Castle Moat to Save an Elderly Dog

 Amazing Rescue Story!

Written by Marion Mahn of New Jersey

This story begins with our family taking a trip to Puerto Rico during one Easter vacation. 

We were visiting the castle in San Juan and the tourists were milling around the castle and its moat. 

I look up and in one of the window sills — the walls of the castle are quite thick — was a dog sitting pressed against the iron rods that were built into the window to prevent access to the castle through the windows. 

On the other side was the moat, which was deep and ugly and about 20 feet wide. How the dog ever got over there is a question that will never be answered....Read more to find out what happens next! >

140918c1 - Rescue Story: Caeser--Everyone Said to Get Rid of Him

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Patience Pays Off

In 2011, my husband decided he wanted to adopt a dog. I already had an adopted collie, so, we had to find a dog that was compatible. 

My husband saw a German Shepard online and knew that he would be perfect. 

We went to the shelter to have them tell us he had been returned 3 times and should be tested for diabetes. 

We took him for a full physical, 2 years old, 45 pounds and no diabetes. We realized instantly Ceasar had been horribly abused and most likely starved. Read more >>

The Best DogGone News On The Internet 9/18/2014

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T-Shirts For Dog Lovers: “My dogs do this amazing thing where they just exist and make my whole life better for it.”


Back Issues of DogGone News In Review

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140918v5 - Great Dane Eats 43 Socks and Feels Great the Next Day!

140918v4 - Dog Helps Carry the Groceries!

140918v3 - A Rescue to Make You Laugh, Smile, & Believe in True Love!

Two dogs abandoned on the streets of LA had become such amazingly inseparable friends that one could not be rescued without the other. This is a friendship to astound and inspire!

140918v2 - Dog Tucks the Baby In -- Amazing!

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