The Best DogGone News On The Internet 7/28/2014

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6 Ways to Help Homeless Pets and Animal Shelters >>>


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[20140727v2] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Baby Crawls Down the Hall and the Dogs Crawl Behind

[20140727d] Today’s Family Portrait

140727-3v - The Basset Hound & the Porsche

This video was taken by one of So DogGone Funny's fans, Phillip Meyer. This is his Basset Hound, named Moose, who just loves riding in fancy sports cars! His ears, cheeks and gums just go with the flow LOL. Phillip used a Go Pro Camera and suctioned it to various parts of the car to capture the fun!

QOTD - Eugene O’Neill: “Dalmations are not only superior to other dogs, they are ...

[20140727c] Dog of the Day

140728v-2 - Dog Makes the Baby Cry, by Stealing His Toy -- You Won't Believe What he Does Next!

140728v-1 - Funny Dogs Annoying Cats

140728v - Dog Nearly Passes Out with Joy -- When Best Friend Returns After Two Years!

[20140727v1] VIDEO OF THE DAY: Animals Australia: The Puppy Mill Con

[20140727b] Today’s Funny

[20140727a] Today’s Loveable Pup