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140831s - Jake, The Rescued Dog, Who Rescued My Entire Family

Above, Jake. Below Jake and Sandy Nelson's dad.
By Sandy Nelson, So DogGone Funny fan

After my Black Lab mix died at 15+ years, my house felt so empty. I decided to go to the shelter and rescue a dog, and there he was: a cute 8 year-old Cocker Spaniel named Jake. 

When my parents met him there was an immediate connection. He became their newest grandson 

My mother became ill (stage 4 metastasized pancreatic cancer). She became very weak very quickly. Jake would not leave her side. He was the only one that could comfort her with her pain. My mother passed away 2 months later. Jake would come into my parents place and lie on her bed and sigh. 

Then, almost instantly, my dad became sick. He had already had a slight onset of Parkinson's Disease, but once my mother 
died it progressed quicker. Jake would always be around him. As dad's health continued to decline with the onset of Lewy Body Dementia, Jake became his comfort. When he couldn't recognize us, he still knew Jake. I hired home health aides to care for my dad. Sometimes when they would put him to bed he would scream. (The Lewy Body made his brain misfire. The slightest touch was excruciating pain.)
Jake would jump on the bed and put his head under my dad's hand. Dad would pet him and talk to him until he fell asleep. 

Dad was sick for 18 months. Then one day he let us know he wanted to give up. After that
he deteriorated so fast that we put him into a hospice. Jake was allowed to visit. On day 4 my dad let us know it was time for him to go. We told him it was okay. 

Jake put his front paws up on the bed. Dad smiled and stopped breathing. That instant Jake crawled under the bed and wouldn't come out until it was just him, my daughter, and me in the room. Then, he came out, jumped on the bed and put his head on dad. He still looks for him.

After what Jake did for me and my family I realize he was not the one who was rescued. He rescued us. That is why I have a paw print bumper sticker that reads "Who Saved Whol"!

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