141219v4 - A Rescue Story to Break Your Heart & Then Make you Smile!

141219v3 - Who Would Have Thought a Hippo Could Be So Cute!

141219v2 - Puppy Attacks Dangerous Prey: A Bedroom Slipper

141219v1 - Harbor Seal Pups Get Their First Dip in the Sea

In Alaska's Glacier Bay, Harbor seals arrive by the hundreds in the spring to give birth. They have to fight for room on the ice and survive the many dangers that confront the moms and their newborns.

141218 - Woman Tells Off the People Who Dumped Their Dogs on a Highway!

Caution: This article contains strong, but (in our opinion) justified language because this woman is telling off some pretty evil people who dumped helpless dogs on a highway! 

via BarkPost >> http://bit.ly/1BVEEIz

141218v2 - Doggy Helps with Daddy's Pushups

141218c1 - Rescue Story: A True Angel

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Our daughter was having seizures and only Angel knew

When my mother brought home a young, vibrant German Shepherd as a companion for her aging Shepherd in his final days, I decided it was time to bring a dog back into my life too and hopped onto Petfinder.com to look for an adoptable German Shepherd of my own. 

Time and time again as I called rescues the dog in question had already been adopted or had an adoption pending. Finally after many times of this and disappointment I found a shelter in Baton Rouge that still had German Shepherds for adoption and was pointed in the direction of a white German Shepherd in foster care with a local German Shepherd Rescue. 

She had been brought into the shelter in Baton Rouge and in the pound kennel started to waste away to almost nothing. She was nearly a skeleton when she went home with her foster mom. After a wonderful meet and greet our "Angel" was soon a part of the family....read more >>http://greatergood.me/1ApqDiC

141217v1 - Two Dogs/One Ice Cream Cone--Big Surprise Laugh!

141216c - Rescue Story: Willow Pillow

Heartfelt Rescue Story: She wasn't allowed in city limits because of her breed.

A few months ago I hit rock bottom. I didn't know where to turn in my life. So, I decided to adopt a dog. I thought about going to the shelter, but before I went I posted on Craigslist to see if anyone was needing to give up their dog, and wanting to avoid a shelter. This is how I found Willow. Her owners adopted her just months before from a shelter, and couldn't provide for her....Read more >> http://greatergood.me/1wzB5o1

141216v2 - Great Dane Refuses to Get Out of Bed!