141101c2 - Rescue Story: Love at First Sight

Heartfelt Rescue Story: The shelter employee said Haley came in as a stray with a long scar on the left side of her muzzle!

After losing my sweet dog, Lucky, to cancer, I didn't think I could find another dog that would compare to the loyal, fun, and loving companion I had raised from a puppy and shared my life with for the past 10 years. 

After moving to a new city for work, the loneliness was almost too much to bear without my constant companion following me everywhere I went and making me laugh each day.

On an especially low day, I got a strong feeling that I should see a shelter's website....Find out what happened >>> http://greatergood.me/109jjLv

141101c1 - Rescue Story: Our BennyDog

Heartfelt Rescue Story: The family she had given him to had dumped him!

One Sunday afternoon a cute, little white poodle came walking up in our yard. He seemed well taken care of so I jumped on our 4-wheeler with him & drove up & down our road asking neighbors if he was theirs or if they knew who he belonged to.

Three neighbors had witnessed a strange truck dumping him the night before (on a cold, rainy night). 

So, I took him back home & gave him a bath & some food.The next day I took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped, but he wasn't.
The vet informed me he was around 2 years old. 

So, back home we went. I had posted some ads hoping to find his owner, but no luck.

A couple days later my husband was browsing Craigslist, & came across an ad that was posted several weeks before for a Free 2 yr old Male White Poodle ..... Find out what happened here >>> http://greatergood.me/1DEe2bu

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141031c2 - Rescue Story: Maple, the Tripaw

Heartfelt Rescue Story: She didn't care if she was missing a leg, she was just happy to have any attention she could.

Back in early 2013 I was still working at the local animal hospital, tending to the hospital and boarding animals, cleaning, and feeding them. 

While upstairs taking care of the injured and sick animals, I made it a point to not get too attached to any of them, I couldn't afford to. 

When I first met Maple, she was recently hit by a car, dragging around a broken leg beneath a cast, she still had four legs.

However, her old owners didn't take care of her properly when they brought her home and within a week she was back. The owners signed her over to the hospital. As a result of their negligence in taking proper care of her cast, Maple was forced to lose her leg.....Read more >>>http://greatergood.me/1uaQdsI

141031c1 - Rescue Story: The Appendage

Heartfelt Rescue Story: He thinks he's mighty & mean, but he's just a loveable goon!

We decided my mom needed a dog to keep her company while daddy worked. I scoured the CA shelter sites - and found Sully. Not quite what mom wanted (female, pug, older, at least 20 lbs). Sully is a male, Pug/Min Pin, 1 year old and only 7 lbs. 

But Daddy knew he was the one. However, we couldn't adopt him till September - and it was July. Thankfully, they (Waggin Tails Rescue) held him for us. Daddy picked him up on mom and dad's 50th anniversary. He became daddy's constant companion, we called him the appendage. 

He took him everywhere! Soon after, when Mom became ill....read more >>http://greatergood.me/1yKUTnm

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