141024c1 - Rescue Story: My Sweet Annabelle Lee

Heartfelt Rescue Story: As I stepped in the kennel, one puppy was all over me...

I had really been wanting a dog for years, and I finally decided it was time to get one. I started looking for a puppy. 

I knew I wanted to adopt, especially from my local shelter because they were at capacity. I started looking online every day at pictures. One day I saw a litter of 7 German Shepard/Chow Chow mix puppies come in. 4 of them were adopted within 24 hrs. 

I knew I had to get there right away! I rushed over to the shelter and as soon as I stepped in the kennel, one puppy was all over me, jumping at my face and trying to lick me everywhere it could reach. 

I knew it had picked me and this was the one! I matched it to the paperwork outside. The puppy's name was Joanie. I fell in love with the name Annabelle, so I changed her name. The hard part was waiting 5 days to bring her home! A few days after she was home, she became really sick. The hair around her nose and mouth fell out ... read what happens ... http://greatergood.me/1wnuED5

141024c1 - Rescue Story: Two Different Puppies, One Man Who Needed Them

Heartfelt Rescue Story: It melts my heart that they both react to my husband's PTSD. They know just what he needs.

I stumbled across a shelter in Carlsbad CA as my hubby had been wanting a bigger dog to help with his PTSD from deployments. So I went just to look. 

There she was, this beautiful 4 month old German Shep/Aussie mix looking at me with those honey brown eyes. She was playful but not too extreme like some puppies can be. I went and inquired about her available day and how many people were on her list. I was the first on her list and she was available the next day. 

I went home and informed my husband of what I have done and that he had an appointment to go meet her and see if there was a bond. He went with the thoughts of just making me happy and not coming home with a new addition. He showed up and surprised me for lunch the next day with the puppy happily sitting in the passenger seat. We named her Dixie. She helps my husband in his darkest hours ...read more >> http://greatergood.me/1xelxni

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141022c1 - Rescue Story: Reciprocal Rescue

Heartfelt Rescue Story: "I was SO wounded before getting Nakita..."


In 2008 I had a very traumatic life experience to heal from, and after cocooning myself into a secluded cabin in the woods for 2 years, I was finally ready to adventure out a bit into the world. 

Having always had pets growing up – and usually rescues – I was anxious to find a dog to adopt. 

My current living situation clearly stated “no pets” and after a year of begging the landlord to change the policy he finally let me adopt a “small” dog. 

My daughter-in-law has allergies so I wanted to find something that she could tolerate when the family visited. 
I had researched breeds that would fit the bill and jumped on Petfinder.com to start looking.I knew it when I saw the pic of this adorable Cairn Terrier/Mini Schnauzer mix with the giant ears and inquisitive eyes that I had to have this one ... Find out what happens >> http://greatergood.me/1ygYV6N

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141021p - Ebola Nurse's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is Quarantined & Being Tested

Have any of you been worried about the Ebola nurse's dog? From Huffington Post, we hear that Bentley, Nina Pham's 1-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is well & wagging his tail in his quarantined quarters. 

He has a bed and toys as well as armed guards, visitors in protective gear (which we hope doesn't scare him), and a Hazmat bucket for waste.  

His urine and feces are being tested to determine whether or not he has or is carrying the virus.  Even if animals can carry the virus, we don't know if they can pass it on to other animals and/or humans. 

In any case, we are thankful he wasn't euthanized like the dog that belonged to the Ebola victim in Spain! 

Bentley appears to be well cared for, though we are certain he misses his mom very much...and probably wonders why his caretakers are dressed so weirdly. 

We wish Bentley and Nina good health and we hope for a quick end to this miserable illness! 

Here's a video you might like to see
>> http://huff.to/1xWHbxm

141022v3 - Golden Retriever Wants His Sister's Pool Float, and He Gets It!

141021v3 - Supreme Court Judges -- As Dogs! Hysterically Funny Skit from John Oliver!

Go directly to the dogs at 2:27