150724c1 - Happiness and Love Wrapped in Fur on Four Legs

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Six years later ... we decided now was the time to get a new pup!

When we started dating, I had a 5 year old rescue pup. He was very bonded to me and, while they got along fine, the pup and the boyfriend never really bonded. 

Nine years later that amazingly warm and giving pup died of cancer. A little of my heart went with him. Since I traveled so much for work, we thought it best to not get another pup at that time. 

Since then, there have been extended family stays, deaths in the family, loss of jobs, gaining of new jobs and a mom beating breast cancer. Six years after that pup's death, and all the stress since, we decided now was the time to get a new pup. We searched listings at local rescues...Read the whole story here >> http://greatergood.me/1LBA0EE

150717c1 - Rescue Story: The Best Boy Ever!

Heartfelt Rescue Story: They were foster failures!

I will just say it proudly..WE ARE FOSTER FAILURES! 

This handsome boy is what started it all. We had every intention of fostering this little fella and letting Pet Pal Animal Rescue find the perfect forever home for him. But the week we had him he developed kennel cough and nursing him day and night, just made us fall in love. The night before we were to send him back for an adoption event .... read the whole story >>  http://greatergood.me/1Dng2oY

150715c1- Rescue Story: We Were Not Looking for a Second Dog!

Heartfelt Rescue Story: He had just had surgery to remove his right front leg

We weren’t looking for a second dog. My husband and I had lost our first dog to a kidney complication last summer, and we had our hands full with our young dog named Rue.

If we were going to get a second dog we had some rules:
We wanted a girl. We wanted her to be smaller than Rue. We wanted to adopt an older dog.

Then we saw him.

PetSmart was having an adoption event with a rescue group. The second we walked in the door we were pulled towards this happy and HUGE dog that his foster mom had adorably named Tripp. He had just had surgery to remove his right front leg, and was wearing a red wrap to keep his incision clean. He was giving out kisses left and right, and his tail never stopped wagging. He was picked up by the shelter as a stray, and they assume he was hit by a car. Read the whole story >> http://greatergood.me/1CJEQN1

150713c1 - Rescue Story: Sansa

Heartfelt Rescue Story: She looked like a Pitbull puppy so she was immediately placed on death-row

I lost my Pomeranian, Boo Bear, 3 days before Christmas in 2013. He was my first dog and such a love; when he passed away I felt a huge void in my life.

When I was ready, I combed through thousands of dogs in the area but they didn't seem to fit. Then I saw her...This wide eyed little puppy waiting in foster care. Her name was after a character on my favorite show, "Sansa." I felt this was meant to be.

She had been left on the side of the road in Memphis with her two brothers. She looked like a Pitbull puppy so she was immediately placed on death-row and had no shot at adoption....Read the whole story >> http://greatergood.me/1dTLggN

Read the whole story >> http://greatergood.me/1dTLggN

150710c2 - Rescue Story: Poor Little Puppy Who Looked Like a Rat

Heartfelt Rescue Story: She had lost most of her hair due to flea infestation, she was under weight, had a broken leg and rickets.

In the summer of 1975 my husband and I went for a ride in the Ramapo Mountains with our 2 year old son. Something ran across the road in front of us. We looked at each other and said "what was that?” I started yelling to stop the car but my husband was reluctant because we didn't know what it was. Needless to say he stopped. 

I got out and sat on the side of the road. This poor little thing came slinking out of the woods with her tail wagging and crawled into my lap. I was in love. Into the car she went. We brought her home gave her food, a bath and a comfortable bed.

The next day we took her to the vet. She was approximately four months old. She had lost most of her hair due to flea infestation, she was under weight, had a broken leg and rickets ... read the whole story >> http://greatergood.me/1HSTKB6

150710c1 - Rescue Story: Gypsy -- Found on the Side of the Road!

Heartfelt Rescue Story:  She was covered in ticks and fleas and stunk to the high heavens

 In March of 2013, I was driving down a highway, approaching a small country town in South Carolina when I saw a small brown dog lying on the side of the road chewing on something. As an avid animal rescuer, my heart always goes out to the animals I see on the side of the road, but this dog had such a magnetic pull on me. I had to turn around. 

As soon as I pulled over behind her, she ran across the road into the woods. Luckily, my 6 year old had left a half eaten Pop Tart in the car that morning, so I grabbed it, pulled off my heels, and followed the dog into the woods. I finally coaxed her over to me...read the whole story >>  http://greatergood.me/1HS4TE4

150707v1 - Beautiful Story: Deaf Dog Gets Second Chance at Life!


Echo is a Great Dane who lives in Niagara Falls, NY, that is working to become a therapy dog. Bad breeding left her deaf, and her owner is hoping her story will inspire the people she'll soon be working with.

Owner Marion Dwyer says Echo was originally with a woman from Louisiana who couldn't handle her special needs and didn't take care of her properly.

"The lady didn't want her after two weeks. She decided it's not worth her time to deal with a dog that's "unmanageable" - or so she said," Dwyer explained. "She posted on Facebook if nobody takes the dog within 24 hours, she was going to be put down."

"Dogs with disabilities... to me they don't have a disability," she said. "They're just extra special."