150702c1 - Rescue Story: The Brotherhood of Cats -- A Break-Your-Heart Story with a Happy Ending

Heartfelt Rescue Story:  Abandoned by a Neighbor

Pepper and Tigger began their lives 16 years ago in my neighbor’s shed. As curious kittens Pepper and Tigger came visiting searching for more human attention on my porch. That winter I put an old dog bed and blankets on the sheltered lowest shelf of my potting bench and supplemented the neighbor’s feeding. A year into our acquaintance I discovered an injured Pepper curled in the far corner of the dog bed. His face, ears and eyes were swollen, cut and bloody from bird shot.

No one was home at the neighbors, so I rushed Pepper to my vet for emergency treatment. The prognosis--Pepper would survive with proper care, but lose his eye sight. I visited Pepper at the vet daily. As his health improved his blindness became more apparent. I sang and talked to him constantly. He purred at the sound of my voice and snuggled in my lap. The neighbor refused to help and moved away before Pepper came home from the vet.  Click here to read the entire story >> http://greatergood.me/1Jye0tJ

150627c1 - Rescue Story: An Early Second Chance: Kitten Rescued from the Side of the Road

Heartfelt Rescue Story: Miracle Kitten!

I am a veterinary technician and I was on my way to work one morning two weeks ago. Right before pulling into work I saw what just looked like a sock or shirt laying in the road. I didn't think much of it.

About 15 minutes later a woman came in holding a box. She said she found a kitten on the road, and she thinks it is still alive. My heart sank knowing I drove right past this sweet girl without thinking twice. I took her into the exam room, and the doctor decided she may have a broken jaw and some head trauma......

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150627p2 - Arlo Needs to Hold Hands in the Car!

150627p1 - 99.99% PURE love -- Baby & Staffy

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150627a2 - Two Wonderful Rescue Organizations Working Together!

Wings of Rescue brings hundreds of dogs and cats from around the country every week to the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter (North Shore Animal League of America in New York). Read more here >> http://www.viralnova.com/north-shore-rescue/

150627v1 - No One Hates Baths More Than This Pup!

150621v1 - Witness the Birth of a Baby Elephant & the Reaction of all the Other Momas--Heart-Pounding Love!

Heart-pounding love to share with you in this video! Elephants are in trouble, and it breaks my heart because they are so intelligent and so "human" in how they communicate and care for their families. Here we see elephants being BETTER than humans in how they react to the newborn. The ex-orphan mom who had been released to the wild was brought back to the nature center for the birth as part of their ‘Orphans’ Project.’ For more information >> http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/